The new generation NANO massage systems are developed in cooperation with the world leading producer of massage systems – Austrian company RUDOLF KOLLER.



We have created massage bathtubs in which you can enjoy the massage in the most important areas of the body, adjusting the right intensity of massage. A good advantage of the new massage systems is their elegant look, when they are installed in the bathtub.

Developing the new NANO systems, we took into account customers feedback and analysis of existing massage systems.
Thus, we have eliminated the more frequently occurring imperfections.

  • In NANO systems there are more quiet water pumps which provide reduced noise of the massage. 
  • An improved solution for the water drainage from the system is introduced. 
  • The new KOLLER SUPER FLAT jets are no longer distinguishable from the bath surface – they are thinner than 1 mm and provide more comfortable feeling for the body.

In all NANO systems strong and powerful SUPER POWER massage is created for the waist.
For back and shoulders areas gentle multipoint NANO massage is advisable, and concentrated jet streams are provided for the feet.
Gentle air massage or multipoint NANO water massage, combined with HYDRO DYNAMIC geyser jet and efficient side massage, can be chosen for the legs.
Intensity of each zone is simply adjustable by turning the flow divider.

To create a romantic ambiance during bathing process, all NANO systems can be supplemented by underwater halogen lights or coloured chromotherapy.

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