Bathing Creations


PAA cooperation with Vilnius Technologies and Design College (Lithuania)

It was already the 4th year of cooperation between Latvian bathtub producer PAA and 2nd year students of Vilnius Technologies and Design College (Lithuania). Theme of this year`s competition was „Family Bathroom“.

It was pleasure to notice that many students chose products made in PAA new technology SILKSTONE. In some projects students also played with PAA ability to make colourful bathroom products, thus adding the personality to the object.

Jury: Mr. Pēteris Treicis, PAA General Manager; Giedrė Dimavičienė, Head of VTDK Interior Design dept.; Rasa Mazūrienė, Professor of VTDK; Ingura Lipšāne, PAA Export Manager; Ričardas Svorobovičius, PAA Representative in Lithuania.


1st prize - Paulina Buinytė –„Angular Pearls“

PAA Design contest 2015 Lithuania Paulina Buinytė –„Angular Pearls“

2nd prize - Vaiva Račkytė – „Back to Nature“

 PAA Design contest 2015 Lithuania Vaiva Račkytė – „Back to Nature“

2nd prize - Lina Ščerbukė – „Louboutine Bathtub“

 PAA Design contest 2015 Lithuania Lina Ščerbukė – „Louboutine Bathtub“

3rd prize - Greta Marcinkutė – „Breathing Wood“

PAA Design contest 2015 Lithuania Greta Marcinkutė – „Breathing Wood“

3rd prize - Vytautas Gaivelis – „Romatic Jugendstil“

 PAA Design contest 2015 Lithuania Vytautas Gaivelis – „Romatic Jugendstil“

Special award to Ernest Sobolevskij – „Relaxing Mint“

Special award to Ernest Sobolevskij – „Relaxing Mint“


All news 06-06-17
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